Our Fee Schedule

Business Sales
Our fee on Sale of a Business is 8.8% (Inc. GST).

Single Vendor Bond or SME Bond Certificate

Prepare a single Vendor Bond for vendor funding the sale of a business, goods or services. Includes terms sheet & loan repayment schedule: $495.00 (Inc. GST).


Issuing a 'series'
of SME Bonds

The first SME Bond in a ‘series’, $247.50 (Inc. GST). Each subsequent SME Bond in the same series $123.75 (Inc. GST).


Share Certificates prepared for Investors

Prepare the first and each subsequent share certificate $123.75 (Inc. GST). Send share certificates to Directors for signing and delivery to investors.


Issue a Convertible SME Bond

There are advisor fees, company incorporation fees, legal fees, document preparation fees, lodgement fees, etc. These initial costs might range from around $5k to $10k. Issuing a Convertible SME Bond, or a series of them, can be a way to cover off those initial expenses. 

Convertible SME Bonds Pricing

Issue a single (or first) Convertible SME Bond at a minimum face value of $5,000. Fee is $247.50 (Inc. GST).

If further bonds are required, each subsequent Convertible Bond, $123.75 (Inc. GST).

Your Investment
Offer Document

We will draft a legally compliant Investment Offer Document to 80% complete leaving the Client to add or provide any remaining material content, $5,500.00 (Inc GST). Payment terms: Half at commencement, balance when document accepted as complete.

Subscriber Resources & Fee Sharing

Independent Consultant Client resources include: Investment Offer Document templates, application to raise debt funding; application to raise equity capital; share application forms; SME Bond application forms; transfer forms; AML-CTF Checklist, and more. 

Our Independent Consultants receive 25% of our standard fee for any client service work referred to us. Once you have learned to do the work on your own, you will then retain 100% of your Client’s fees.

A Private Trading Exchange (PTX) can be made available to any Client that has issued, or proposes to issue, debt or equity securities by undertaking an Initial Private Offer (IPO) in order to raise funds from investors.

Our Independent Consultants receive 50% of any PTX order submitted by them. PTXs are priced from $AU4,400  (Inc. GST)ORDER A PTX, DOWNLOAD THE FORM

Private Trading Exchanges

Example of Debt securities PTX

Example of Equity securities PTX

Order a Private Trading Exchange for your Client

Click the image to order a PTX
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