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Start your own Consultancy Business!

Also suitable for Accountants, Business Brokers, Finance Brokers
and others looking to deliver more fee-based client services.

Be the Entrepreneur’s Advisor

Bridge the gap between the lawyers, corporate advisers, bankers, and the entrepreneur who knows how to run their business but not much about the world of capital raising.

Become an Independent Consultant

Independent Consultants help their SME clients use some of the same tactics the big companies use (whose shares are traded on a stock exchange), to raise capital when the banks are playing hardball.

Earn while you learn!

Subscriber Resources & Fee Sharing

Independent Consultant/Client resources/downloads include: Client (fees) Timeline & Quote form, Application to raise debt funding; application to raise equity capital; share application forms; SME Bond application forms; transfer forms; AML-CTF Checklist, and more. 

Our Independent Consultants receive 25% of our standard fee for any client service work referred to us. Once you learn to do the work, you keep 100%.

See our Fee Schedule.

A Private Trading Exchange (PTX) may be established by a company that has issued, or proposes to issue, securities, making it easier to raise funds from investors by providing a trading or exit mechanism for shareholders as the company grows.

A PTX may also be purchased by an accountant, solicitor, or other advisor that acts on behalf of multiple companies that have issued, or propose to issue, securities in order to raise funds from investors. Our Independent Consultants receive 25% of any PTX order submitted by them. PTXs are priced from $AU4,400.

Private Trading Exchanges

Gain access to our precedent
forms & documentation.

Equity Securities
Private Trading Exchange

Order a Private Trading Exchange for your Client

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Limited opportunity to secure an
Austpac Venture Capital Subscription
For just $53.90 (Inc. GST) per month!

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